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    Welcome to our website ! Acupuncture World..............Where change begins. Dr Raj Taskar ' Acupuncturist ' My aim of practicing Acupuncture is to bring health to the people of all social economic groups with holistic approach by using classical acupuncture. I emphasize on the scientific use of Acupuncture because Acupuncture is indeed a medical science with a lot of modern research evidence. All the reports revealed that acupuncture has physiological mechanism. Now Acupuncture is recognized by Government of Maharashtra, FDA and WHO as a basic treatment for many diseases, the list of which is given in this website. I do not leave any stone in giving my patient the best acupuncture treatment. My treatment is not only based on my knowledge of ancient acupuncture and clinic experience, but also on modern researches and new scientific discoveries on the effects of acupuncture in different diseases,I am practicing Acupuncture in Nashik & Mumbai since 11 years. I have successfully treated many diseases and disorders. I specialized in treating Chronic Pain Back, Neck, Shoulder, Knee, Sciatica and Arthritis Stress-Related Syndromes migraines, anxiety, depression, and insomnia Neurological Disorders : Strokes,Paralysis, Numbness, Carpal tunnel syndrome,Bells Palsy,GBS Sexual Dysfunction Male sexual Disorders,Impotence, Premature Ejaculation,Stamina etc. Chronic Diseases Hypertension, Heart failure, Diabetes. SERVICES WE OFFER : *ACUPUNCTURE THERAPY-Body Acupuncture,Ear Acupuncture,Scalp Acupuncture,Moxibustion,Cupping and Cosmetic Acupuncture
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    Detoxify Your Body With Acupuncture You can detoxify your body with acupuncture. Acupuncture is a major treatment component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which has been practised since several years ago. The principle behind acupuncture lies on the balance of chi or the vital life energy force that harmonises and nourishes the functions of the body. Acupuncture has a natural diuretic effect. The procedure helps your body detoxify by the elimination of toxins through the urinary tract. This is why you will see a widespread use of acupuncture for drug detox programs. An acupuncture treatment help you to reduce appetite, even as it eliminates blockage of the chi. Once you regain your appetite, you do not feel as much desire for foods normally associated with sources of toxins. When you eat toxic foods, you instantly get a feeling of heaviness in the body, as the energy flow is disrupted once more. When you consume proper food, you continue to feel energised. Your body learns quickly which foods provide the most benefit. This is why acupuncture for detoxification of the body is so effective. When the needle comes into contact with an acupoint, you experinece a sensation of numbness, aching, tingling, or heaviness in the area. This is known as the arrival of the chi. You may conjure in your mind that the contact is painful. However, it is actually a signal from your body on the presence of toxins. Toxins were probably ingested through harmful foods, additives, polluted air and/or water. Even simple bad habits can also cause you to develop toxins.
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